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3D Printers

A2K Technologies is Australia’s leading supplier of professional grade 3D printers.

Browse through our one stop online store now and see which 3D printer from our wide range will enhance your workflow!

Locally established in 1995 – we have over 20 years of experience in providing technology and services to design professionals. We have local presence across the country in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. With an extensive background and a strong passion for additive manufacturing – we provide expert advice to suit your needs. We have experience working in a broad range of industries including Engineering, Manufacturing, Architecture, Defence, Automotive, Education and Consumer.

We supply a state-of-the art range of 3D Printers, CAD software, 3D Hardware and consumables from around the globe. Since our products are meticulously accumulated based on countless hours of testing to ensure we only provide quality – we are at the forefront of offering the best solutions for our customers.

A2k's Top 3D Printer Picks
Form Futura


Professional 3D printing made accessible

Accurate, consistent results - tailored to your business. Highly complex 3D prints, industrial-grade materials, maximum performance, and future-ready 3D printing experience. With ultimate accessibility.

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High Resolution SLA and SLS 3D Printers for Professionals

Formlabs is expanding access to digital fabrication at every stage of production.

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Our Best Printer Versatile + High Performance

Create parts for an array of applications using the 3D45’s 280°C nozzle to print strong, flexible, durable parts. A removable glass build plate heated up to 100°C helps parts stick better during printing. Create high-quality, detailed parts at up to 50 micron resolution.

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3D Printers Australia

We are Australia’s premier 3D printer supplier and are focused on giving you the best!

At A2K Technologies, we are heavily focused on selecting, stocking and supplying a wide range of quality 3D printer accessories and supplies to ensure you achieve superior results.

We believe in maintaining a practical approach with the products we offer and trust. The 3D printer brands we support are utilised on-premise as part of our 3D printing services. Through constant printing and trials, our team of technical specialists understand the challenges and advantages that each printer can offer - allowing us to recommend the correct solution for you.

  • We always ensure the 3D printers, consumables and accessories we stock give you maximum results
  • The products are thoroughly tested on-premise giving us the experience to advise you on the best solutions
  • All our support and services are handled Australia wide
  • We offer delivery Australia wide

A2K Technologies offers fantastic deals across a large range of industries. We deliver end to end solutions customised to meet your requirements. Contact us now to learn more about our exclusive offers.

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Form 2 Colour Pigments

Using Color Kit, anyone can mix their own Color Resin and create uniformly colored 3D prints with the high resolution and smooth surface finish SLA technology is known for. The Formlabs Color Kit is part of the Standard Resins lineup. General purpose materials for the Form 2, perfect for rapid prototyping and concept model. Product designers, engineers, prop designers, and professionals enjoy these materials for their high detail, surface finish, and minimum finishing.
From $65.00 inc GST

Ultimaker Glass Build Plate

Replacement glass build plate for Ultimaker 2, 2+, 3 and S3 printers. Excludes Ultimaker 2 Go.
$64.90 inc GST

Ultimaker S5 Glass Build Plate

Replacement glass build plate for Ultimaker S5
$69.89 inc GST

Heated Bed and Cable - Ultimaker 2 & 2+

This is the Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2 Extended and Ultimaker Original+ print table heated bed. Includes cable for connection to main-board.
$289.89 inc GST

Ultimaker Bowden Tube Kit

Bowden tube is 70.5 cm long. Made from PFA. Outside diameter 0.25 inch, inside 0.125 inch is used to transport the filament to the extruder head. Includes two Clamp Clips and two Tube Coupling Collets.
$42.90 inc GST

Ultimaker S5 Bowden Tube Kit

Ultimaker - Bowden Tube + Collet + Clips. Bowden tube is made from PFA. Outside diameter 0.25 inch, inside 0.125 inch is used to transport the filament to the extruder head. Includes two Clamp Clips and two Tube Coupling Collets.
$52.90 inc GST

Ultimaker 2 Belt Kit

Ultimaker 2 and 2+ belt pack includes all the parts to refurbish your printer.
$66.89 inc GST

Ultimaker Olsson Block - 2 Nozzle

An easy upgrade to the Ultimaker 2 or 2 Extended 3D printer, the Olsson Block Kit allows the extruder nozzle to be swapped within seconds, as opposed to replacing the entire heater block.

This starter kit consists of a threaded heater block, installation tools and two 0.4mm nozzles.
$146.50 inc GST