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A2K Technologies Top 3 Most Useful 3D Prints for the Home and Office

A2K Technologies Top 3 Most Useful 3D Prints for the Home and Office

Redstack’s Top 3 Most Useful 3D Prints for the Home and Office

A2K Technologies Top 3 Most Useful 3D Prints for the Home and Office


Want to get the most out of your 3D prints? Do you need some inspiration and new ideas? We’ve collated our top 3 incredibly useful 3D printed objects that would be a perfect fit for your home and office.

If you’re unfamiliar with 3D printing, it is also known as Additive Manufacturing. It’s a process that creates three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The object is created from the printer nozzle laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is completed. 3D printing enables you to produce complex and functional shapes using less material, saving you more money and time compared to traditional manufacturing methods. The technology has changed the way goods are produced on an industrial level and it also serves as an important aspect in the workflow of hobbyists. Discover our top 3 useful 3D prints below now!


Smartphone Boombox

To start off with at number three, we have a universal smartphone boom box by crwillia84 from Thingiverse. The boom box is printed on the Ultimaker S5 using PLA Red and should fit all current smartphone models. You just have to insert your smartphone in the slot and the boom box will produce power-free sound amplification.

PLA smart phone boom box

This is perfect for outdoors and indoors that are far from electrical outlets. For best results, print using a support material that can be dissolved. If this isn’t possible, the support material can be removed with simple tools as all internal channels are reachable by hand.

3d printed smart phone boom box internal


Measuring Cube

At number two, we have a measuring cube named ‘Bakercube’ by Iomma from Thingiverse. This simple but totally ingenious cube is perfect for use in the kitchen. It has slots on each side to measure out foods and liquids in either cups or metric. The cube is best printed in PETG material to maximise food safety and PLA can also be used with caution.

While PLA material is generally food safe – the printing process isn’t. As layers are created when 3D printing the object, layer lines are left which acts as crevices. Tiny particles and bacteria can build up in the crevices if especially using liquids to measure. It is recommended to use dry products however the cube is watertight and measuring only water – you are generally safe.

3d printed baker cube


Organiser Drawer

At number one, we have an organiser drawer by O3D from Thingiverse. If your work and study space are cluttered with USB sticks, cables, pencils, notes etc – this drawer is perfect for keeping the workspace neat and tidy. The drawer can ideally be placed next to the computer screen which gives you easy access to your accessories.

The organiser drawer was printed on the Ultimaker S5 using PLA Blue and PLA Red. Not only it’s a unique and creative design, it was also cost efficient to print. The structure holding the drawers is designed in an abstract and organic style that has plenty of openings, making it use less materials. It’s also very light weighing at only 150 grams.

3D printed organiser drawerPLA organiser drawer


Thanks for reading this blog and we hope that you gained some inspiration and new ideas from it. You can download all three STL files below and 3D print them today!

Boom Box:

Measuring Cube:

Office Organiser:


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