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AutoCAD 2020 Installation and Activation Guide

AutoCAD 2020 Installation and Activation Guide

autocad 2020 installation and activation guide

AutoCAD 2020 Installation and Activation Guide

By Jet de los Reyes | Redstack Applications Engineer - AEC


Whether you’re installing AutoCAD 2020 for the first time or just wanting to upgrade your current software version to the latest one, and wonder how to properly execute it, well, you’ve come to the right place.


It’s always a nightmare when we must install computer software and after the last step, everything just fails! It’s just too complicated to follow, too many steps to do or you’re just not sure which buttons to click. Here, we’ve outlined a Step-by-step guide that’s easy to follow. We’ve even highlighted which button to press! Apart from showing you how to install the software, we will also cover how to activate it so that users will be able to use the program straight away.

Let’s get started installing your AutoCAD 2020 software!


1. After you have successfully downloaded the installer file from your Autodesk Manage portal, you can double-click it which will prompt you to select the extraction destination folder. Should you have other Autodesk programs installed in your computer, it is wise to retain the default location as shown below so that they will be grouped into the same folder. Click OK to proceed.

extract to_autocad_install


2. The files will then extract and will prompt you decide if you want to allow the app to make changes to your device. Select YES to proceed.

auto self extract autocad install


3. The installation window will appear and you can click on the Install button to begin the installation process.

install autocad


4. Make sure you understand the License and Services Agreement before selecting the “I ACCEPT” button then click NEXT.

 license agreement autocad


5. On the next window, you can click on the down arrow to see configuration options such as installation type. Click the arrow again to close and return to product list. Click on the INSTALL button.

sub components autocad


6. Once the installation is complete, you will see this window which will list down the items that has been successfully installed. Click FINISH to exit.

autocad is installed


7. You must restart your computer for changes to take effect. After restarting, double-click on the AutoCAD 2020 icon located on your desktop to launch the application. If you have a previous AutoCAD version installed, Migrate Custom Settings dialog will appear and you can select which items you want to be migrated to the latest version. Click the CHECK button to accept and it will prompt you that Profiles have been successfully migrated.

migrate custom settings autocad


8. Launching your AutoCAD 2020 application for the first time will display the activation dialog. Verify what type of license you’ve purchased and click the corresponding option either as SINGLE-USER or MULTI-USER. If you are unsure, you can click the Help me choose button below for a description of each type or you can go to your Autodesk Manage account.

 lets get started autocad


  • SINGLE-USER: This method would require you to sign in using your Autodesk account ID and Password. Your Contract Manager should already have assigned you a valid seat in their Autodesk Manage account for this to work. Enter your registered Email address and Click NEXT. Followed by your Password and Click NEXT. Account ID activation will have the advantage of allowing users to log in and out on different workstations and work on one computer at a time, which gives the user flexibility of working anywhere.

sign in autocad


  • SERIAL NUMBER: This method will work for both Subscription and Perpetual licenses. Read the Autodesk Privacy Statement and click on the I AGREE button. Select ACTIVATE which will then require you to enter a valid Serial Number and Product Key then click NEXT.

product license activation autocad

product key autocad

  • MULTI-USER: Make sure that your workstation is properly connected to your company server where the network license is stored. Select MULTI-USER option and it should automatically connect to the server to verify the license.


And there you go! Hopefully you were able to follow the steps both for installation and activation. By now, you should be able to use AutoCAD 2020 and enjoy the new features this version has to offer to boost your productivity.


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