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Autodesk Release New UAV Features In ReCap 360

Autodesk have upgraded ReCap 360 to include new features specific for UAV (drone) users.  To meet the growing demand from the UAV (drone) industry to turn aerial photos and data into meaningful 2D and 3D data, these enhancements deliver an easy, cost-effective solution to process UAV photos.

UAV technology is rapidly transforming the way people capture information, and high resolution aerial imagery can now be easily obtained to provide valuable insights.  With these new enhanced updates, ReCap 360 offers a simple solution to process your UAV data.

New UAV Features for ReCap 360

  • Easy setting of Ground Control Points, with support of XYZ, ECEF & LLA – WGS84 formats
  • Alignment of laser scans and photo-based models
  • Full support of GPS information embedded in the photo Exifs
  • Full support of nadir/vertical images
  • Auto-cropping mode
  • Automatic creation of orthographic views and depth maps in GeoTIFF format.
  • Automatic creation of photo-based point clouds in RCS format, and high quality photo-textured meshes in RCM (Autodesk Memento format), OBJ or FBX formats

ReCap 360 is part of the Autodesk family of reality capture applications that includes ReCap and ReCap 360 Ultimate products.  Utilizing digital captures of physical environments, ReCap solutions enable the creation of 3D models that can be the starting point for new designs.

Key Features for ReCap 360 Include:

  • Cloud-based with limited IT infrastructure to deploy
  • Cost effective with both subscription and consumption-based options available
  • 25 GB of storage
  • Integrated within the ReCap family of products
  • The enhancements to ReCap 360 will be available to customers with the upcoming version of ReCap 360.

More Information
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