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Formlabs offers SLA desktop 3D printers that are affordable and easy to use. Formlabs high-resolution 3D printers produce high-quality and highly detailed prints that are much better than that of plastic extrusion printers. Formlabs started out of MIT in 2011 with a commitment to bring sophisticated and innovated fabrication materials within the reach of engineers, designers and other creators all over the world.

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Form 2 Durable Resin

Durable was designed to simulate polypropylene (PP) plastic, with comparable low modulus and high-impact strength. Use this wear-resistant, ductile material when parts require deformation and a smooth, glossy finish.
$350.00 inc GST

Form 2 Flexible Resin

Flexible simulates an 80A durometer rubber. Use this versatile material to produce parts that need to bend and compress. Flexible is excellent for simulating soft-touch materials and adding ergonomic features to multi-material assemblies.
$395.00 inc GST

Form 2 High Temperature Resin

High Temp has an HDT of 238 °C @ 0.45 MPa—the highest of the Formlabs 3D printing materials. This material is great for static applications that will undergo higher temperatures. High Temp can also be used for production processes such as casting and thermoforming.
$395.00 inc GST

Form 2 Grey Pro Resin

High precision, deformation resistant, Grey Pro Resin makes a versatile material perfect for a wide range of engineering applications.
$350.00 inc GST

Form 2 Castable Wax Resin

Delicate Geometries, High Precision and Accuracy: Castable Wax is recommended for filigree, pavé, and pieces with ornate surface detail with no visible layer lines.

$600.00 inc GST

Form 2 Colour Resin Kit

The Form 2 Colour Kit comes with a cartridge of base colour and all 5 Colour Pigments. Mix and print opaque and matte parts in a range of colours.
$360.00 inc GST

Form 2 Colour Pigments

Using Color Kit, anyone can mix their own Color Resin and create uniformly colored 3D prints with the high resolution and smooth surface finish SLA technology is known for. The Formlabs Color Kit is part of the Standard Resins lineup. General purpose materials for the Form 2, perfect for rapid prototyping and concept model. Product designers, engineers, prop designers, and professionals enjoy these materials for their high detail, surface finish, and minimum finishing.
From $65.00 inc GST

Formlabs Form 2/3 Build Platform

A spare Formlabs Build Platform can speed up your workflow, whether you're changing resins or starting a new print while you remove your part.
$225.01 inc GST