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The Ultimaker S5 3D Printer – For Industrial Grade Parts

Ultimaker has just released a larger more robust version of the Ultimaker 3, the Ultimaker S5. With more than twice the internal capacity of the Ultimaker 3, this new revision has features that take the Ultimaker 3D experience and your manufacturing processes, to a whole new level.

The main benefits this new upgrade delivers is that you can print more product types with a wider range of materials. It has higher up time, easier set up and reliable dual extrusion, so that you will produce high quality, industrial grade prints, time after time.

Let’s review how the new features of the Ultimaker S5 deliver these benefits.

New Features of the Ultimaker S5

Easy Touch Control

The Ultimaker S5 printer has been upgraded with a touch display, which is intuitive and easier to use. It provides a visual guide to enable easier configuration changes, set up and maintenance procedures. You also get a visual preview of your print.

Active Levelling and Enhanced Adhesion

A perfect first layer is crucial to every 3D print and the Ultimaker S5 enables this. There are two build plates (glass and anodised aluminium) to choose from depending on the material you print with. The new active levelling technology means the build plate is analysed creating a precise heightmap giving you a perfect, ultra-flat first layer with secure adhesion throughout the printing.

Bigger Build Volume

The build volume is more than twice the size of the previous model (The Ultimaker 3) measuring 330 x 240 x 300 mm. And it is still compact enough to fit on your desk.

Better Connectivity

It enables you to print from your desk, over Wi-Fi, Ethernet or from a USB stick and you can monitor the progress via the built-in camera. Any upgrades to the printer software will also be done over-the-air.

Reliable Dual Extrusion

An enhanced dual extrusion system means you can print with two materials. A built-in filament flow sensor will pause your print and notify you if you run out of material. Using PLA, Nylon or CPE, this printer allows maximum flexibility for printing detailed parts with cavities and overhangs, supported by specialised support materials.

Higher Uptime

Ultimaker’s print cores are swappable, so you can swap nozzles in seconds to switch between build materials, or to choose from 0.8, 0.4, to 0.25 mm print cores for more fine-detailed prints.

Engineered for printing prototypes, manufacturing aids and end use parts, the Ultimaker S5 ensures repeatable high-quality prints. It also supports an open filament system so that you can choose from a range of Ultimaker materials or other filaments.

The Ultimaker S5 comes with Tough PLA

Tough PLA is a technical material that is as similar in toughness to ABS but with the simplicity of PLA. It is ideal for rapid prototyping with large technical prints.

And there’s even an Ultimaker App

The Ultimaker App allows you to control and monitor your printers and printing so that you can check in on your printing progress wherever you are.

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