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Vault Project Thunderdome

Vault Project Thunderdome

Vault Project Thunderdome

Vault Project Thunderdome

By Max Bodnar l Redstack National Technical Manager


This Vault application has an interesting name, reminds me of something out of a Mad Max movie but it’s a nifty and very helpful app. It was developed by one of the Autodesk programmers and currently maintained by AMC Bridge.  It gets updated with every release of Vault. Its ONLY compatible with Vault Workgroup and Professional.

So, what is it? The application allows a Vault Administrator to configure different column displays and share these settings out with all users. Quite often users will forget or not bother with customising the different vault window pane columns, therefore the Vault metadata is not displayed consistently among all users. Other settings that can be shared are Custom Views, Saved Searches and Shortcuts.


Custom Views

autodesk vault custom views


Saved searches/Shortcuts

autodesk vault saved searches, shortcuts


Column Customisation on different windows panes.

autodesk vault window panes

This is how you get access to it.

Follow the link below and log in with your Autodesk account. If you don’t have one, register for one

autodesk vault accounts

Download the application (note; its version specific, so different downloads apply to different Vault versions, 2017 and 2018) and install it on every client machine.

If creating a Vault network deployment, you can include this add on under the section “Include additional Software”.

autodesk vault include additional software

Once add on is installed log into Vault with Administrator account to create the deployment. 

Note; ONLY Administrator role can create the settings and the deployment and users will read the settings. 

Here are the exact steps to configure the deployment:


1. Log into Vault with Administrator account


2. Configure the different windows panes as required by using Customize View menu

autodesk vault customize view


3. Create and save searches and shortcuts as required


4. Create custom views as required


5. Once all customisation is completed, Exit Vault Explorer. This is a very important step and should NOT be missed. Exiting the Vault explorer, allows the saving of the settings configured so the application can read the settings and save them as deployment


6. Log into Vault Explorer again with Admin role and Tools Menu > Thunderdome > Create Deployment

autodesk vault create deployment


7. Browse to select the “Deployment folder” I have selected my “Standards” folder, but any folder can be selected. I would recommend putting some permissions in place, but this is optional and not required since ONLY Admin role can create/update the deployment. Leave all “Deployment Contents” selected unless you don’t want to include “Shortcuts” or/and “Saved Searches”. Select OK once deployment is created

create deployment


8. Deployment file created in Vault with complete version history

deployment file created


9. When users start Vault Explorer to log in, they will be presented with the following message. Yes > read settings, No > ignore settings, No, and never ask me again. Select Yes

updates found


10. Select OK and Exit Vault client explorer (File > Exit)

exit required


The add on will apply the settings and Vault will log in again

add on


Some handy hints!!!

  • After reading the settings if you want to be prompted with the Project Thunderdome dialog box, browse to location below and delete the “Settings” file. C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Thunderdome2019

thunderdrome dialog box


  • You can also use this tool to backup all settings that could be restored on users profile manually

backup vault settings




I really like this app. It’s very easy to use, it free and allows an Administrator to push out company standards generic settings for users to choose to use as is or customise further as required.


Stay tuned for next topic – Vault Mirror

Autodesk Vault Professional can be purchased here:


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