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What's New in AutoCAD 2018

AutoCAD 2018

Autodesk have now released AuotCAD 2018 and it comes with a broad range of new features and functionality.  If you have a current subscription, you automatically receive your update to AutoCAD 2018 and can begin utilising these great new features:

  • The File navigation dialog box remembers the sort order (e.g., alphabetical, file size, date modified) and displays in that order.
  • The Draft Settings dialog box can be resized.
  • The Select Color dialog supports direct entry of RGB values.
  • The Layer Control option is part of the Quick Access Toolbar menu.
  • The Status bar displays when system variables deviate from their preferred values.
  • A rubber-band line temporarily stretches dynamically as the cursor moves between two points in the drawing area.
  • Selection is maintained when panning and zooming to other parts of a drawing that cause the selected objects to go off screen.
  • Linetype gap behavior supports complex and DGN linetypes.
  • SHX text from PDF files can be converted from geometry to text.
  • PDF import and PDF attach tools display thumbnail previews in the Select File dialog.
  • Rotated TrueType text in imported PDF files no longer creates upside-down text.
  • Geometry imported from a PDF is scaled to real-world size in model space if all of the viewports are of the same scale.
  • Form data support has improved when importing PDFs.
  • The Combine Text tool combines many individual text objects into one multi-line text object.
  • When attaching XREFs, the default is relative path instead of full path.
  • Saving a drawing to a different location that includes relative path XREFs prompts the user to update the relative paths.
  • Find and replace can update all occurrences of an XREF path with a new path.
  • Nested (child) XREFs that are not found display as "Orphaned" instead of "Unreferenced."
  • Unloaded XREFs can be opened from the External References palette.
  • Unloaded XREFs that are renamed are not automatically loaded.
  • The External Reference palette recognizes renamed XREFs that weer renamed using other commands, e.g., CLASSICXREF command.
  • Share Design View publishes to A360 to facilitate sharing with stakeholders (for whom A360 accounts are not required).
  • The DWG format was optimized to open and save more quickly when many annotations or viewports are present.
  • For 3D solids and surfaces, the DWG format uses the newest geometric modeler which has improved security and stability.
  • Save DWG performance is improved — particularly blocks with annotative scaling; Mtext with columns; and attributes and attribute definitions with multilines.
  • DWG saves are most often performed incrementally instead of performing full saves.
  • High resolution (4K) monitors are supported.
  • The REGEN3 command regenerates views to repair anomalies in the display of 3D solids and surfaces.
  • High-quality geometry appears even when the smooth line display option is turned off.
  • Zoom, pan, and 3D orbit operations are less likely to degrade as very large models are navigated.
  • Since Microsoft will depreciate v7.0 in June, Bing Maps v8.0 is supported.
  • Add-ons that support the new DWG format are easily identified in the Autodesk App Store.
  • BIMobject content (formerly Autodesk Seek) is directly accessible.
  • Support for iDrop was removed for security reasons.
  • The BIM 360 ribbon tab was removed but can be restored by downloading it from the BIM 360 Glue page.
  • A subscription to AutoCAD includes the AutoCAD mobile app

AutoCAD Varieties, now all the same price

You can now get a specialised version of AutoCAD at the same price as AutoCAD.  Choose from:

The AutoCAD team has put together some videos that demonstrate the new features:

  • AutoCAD 2018: User Interface Enhancements:
  • AutoCAD 2018: Object Selection:
  • AutoCAD 2018: PDF Enhancements
  • AutoCAD 2018: Combine Text
  • AutoCAD 2018: External Reference Enhancements
  • AutoCAD 2018: Technology and Performance Updates

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