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3D Printer Accessories

We have a broad range of accessories and spare parts for the Ultimaker and Formalbs printers.

We're closed over Christmas from 19 Dec - 10 Jan. Please note there will be a short delay in shipment for estore orders.

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Ultimaker Material Station

Seamlessly integrating with the Ultimaker S5, the Material Station redefines filament storage and delivery, unlocking truly 24/7 dual extrusion.
$5,695.00 inc GST

Ultimaker S5 Air Manager

The Ultimaker S5 Air Manager provides a closed, inside-out airflow throughout the printing process.
$1,895.00 inc GST

Ultimaker S5 Material Station & Air Manager Bundle

For existing Ultimaker S5 users, extend your printing performance with the Material Station & Air Manager Bundle and save.
$6,640.50 inc GST

Form 2 Resin Tank LT

Resin Tank LT is suited for long term use and rigorous, high volume printing, with a 2 to 5x longer lifetime depending on the material, more accurate printer detection, anti-spill geometry, and easier wiper release for streamlined workflows.
$210.00 inc GST

Form 2 Resin Tank

Formlabs Resin Tray blocks light and is made from shatter-resistant polycarbonate. It comes with a reusable lid and wiper, making it easy to stack tanks and store resin outside of the machine.
$140.00 inc GST

Form 3 Resin Tank

The Form 3 resin tank is the main vessel for holding the resin when it is dispensed from the Formlabs resin cartridge. Resin is cured onto the flexible build layer, the laser passes through the tank's bottom film.
$290.00 inc GST

Formlabs Form 2/3 Build Platform

A spare Formlabs Build Platform can speed up your workflow, whether you're changing resins or starting a new print while you remove your part.
$210.00 inc GST

Eaton - 5S 1200VA/720W UPS

The perfect companion to your 3D Printer. The Eaton 5S UPS provides cost-effective line-interactive backup power and voltage regulation. Also supports workstations, desktop PCs, telephone equipment.
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