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3D Scanners

We offer industry leading 3D scanners for your 3d printing or engineering applications in our store. Our products are highly affordable, too.3D scanners observe physical objects to create the point cloud of the geometric features of the surface of the object. The points are then stitched together and special software are used to reconstruct the object using 3D Printers. The scanners also collect information like the colour of the point, which can be characterized during scans of the object. 3D scanning is a very useful tool for countless industries, including quality control, the automotive industry, medicine, heritage preservation, computer graphics, design, forensics, education, reverse engineering and architecture.

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Artec Space Spider 3D Hand Held Scanner

Artec Space Spider is one of the best 3D scanners for professionals. It is unequaled in scanning quality, scanning speed, and high resolution. It is famously easy to use. Artec Eva and Space Spider are exceptional in industries like medicine, quality control, computer graphics, the automotive industry, forensics, heritage preservation, design, education, architecture, and reverse engineering.
$49,280.00 inc GST

Artec Eva 3D Hand Held Scanner

Artec Eva is the perfect 3D scanner for professional use. It produces top-notch scanning quality, fast scans, and high resolution. It is also easy to use;

Artec Eva and Spider are used in many industries including heritage preservation, quality control, medicine, education, computer graphics, the automotive industry, design, forensics, architecture and reverse engineering.
$35,640.00 inc GST

ReCap Pro

Capture scan data and directly integrate it into your design process with Autodesk ReCap reality capture software. ReCap works with Autodesk design and creation software, so you can start your design, your renovation, or your retrofit and work with accurate 3D scanning data and full photo-quality context.
From $583.00 inc GST