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3D Modelling Software for Beginners and Beyond

3D Modelling Software for Beginners and Beyond

3D Modelling Software for Beginners and Beyond


3D Modelling Software for Beginners and Beyond


3D modelling is the process of using computer-aided design software to develop a virtual mathematical representation or design of a desired object or part.

3D modelling can either result in a digital or physical end product. The digital animation and film industries both use 3D modelling to bring storytelling to life on your screen. Industrial designers and engineers, however, use 3D modelling to create a digital representation of products they intend to manufacture in real life.


3D modelling advantages

3D modelling offers significant advantages over 2D drawings when using the right design software. Within Cad software, designers can create 3D models by manipulating virtual space. Modern Cad software like Autodesk Fusion 360 provides additional aides like generative design — an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven predictive method that calculates thousands of feasible 3D models.

3D models live in a digital environment. With the proper Cad software, designers and engineers can manipulate, test, and revise their designs to find the ideal balance between form, function, durability, and aesthetic appeal.


Types of 3D modelling

There are two general types of 3D modelling: organic and hard-surface. Organic modelling is generally the digital recreation of organic or living things like trees, animals, and people. Often, organic modelling also incorporates animation. Hard-surface modelling deals with inorganic materials and static objects, such as machine parts, automobiles, or furniture. This is the type of modelling most pertinent to industrial engineers.




Get started with Fusion 360

Get started with Fusion 360: 3D modelling software for beginners

Fusion 360 is an integrated Cloud Cad solution that also provides computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering, and printed circuit board solutions. Fusion 360 is user-friendly and provides some of the most comprehensive training materials on the internet for beginners.

Streamline your design workflow and consider Fusion 360 for your next 3D modelling project!



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