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Redstack’s Top 3 Most Useful 3D Prints for the Home and Office
Redstack’s Top 3 Most Useful 3D Prints for the Home and Office

Want to get the most out of your 3D prints? Do you need some inspiration and new ideas? We’ve collated our top 3 incredibly useful 3D printed objects that would be a perfect fit for your home and office.

3 Reasons To Use Copolyester Filaments
The CPE family of filaments from Ultimaker are stronger and offer greater chemical resistance than other materials. Here are three common uses. Copolyester (CPE) is one of the many innovative 3D printer filaments available from Ultimaker, giving users another strong option when choosing which material to use for projects. Consisting of CPE and CPE+, this family of Ultimaker filaments offers a number of advantages over other alternatives.
Post Curing Your SLA 3D Prints
Introducing post curing to your stereolithography 3D printing process helps you get the most out of your 3D prints, improving material strength and performance.
3 Considerations for Choosing 3D Printer Filament
The filament is a crucial component of any 3D printing project. These are three considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right filament.