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Adding Text to a Part with Autodesk Inventor

By Harrison Gloyne, Redstack Intern

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Creating your parts in Autodesk Inventor may involve adding text to these parts.

How Can I have text on my part?

Adding text to parts is a very simple process, and can be achieved by following these simple steps.

Select the face of interest and start a sketch on this face by selecting the Start 2D Sketch option from the 3D Model tab.

  1. Click on the text icon as shown below.
  2. Follow the prompts given in the format text box (ie – font, size, spacing, etc).
  3. Under the 3D Model tab select Emboss and follow prompts (ie - depth of embossing).
  • You can have both indented and protruding text.
  • Text can form to cylindrical shapes.

By following these easy steps, adding text to your parts will become effortless.


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