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Why Engineers choose Inventor VS AutoCAD

Why Engineers choose Inventor VS AutoCAD

Why Engineers choose Inventor VS AutoCAD

Why Engineers choose Inventor VS AutoCAD


Parametric 3D CAD can mean the difference between confusion and clarity. Improve your development workflows and processes by combining the capabilities of AutoCAD, Inventor and more software options in the Product, Design and Manufacturing Collection. Add another dimension to your development process…

Product, Design and Manufacturing Collection


The requirement for more autonomy in design and in the development process needs a unique modelling approach. You can learn how to easily incorporate design adjustments, get more from your models and reuse your current design data by modelling in parametric 3D. Welcome to the world of parametric 3D where you can make models that can easily be changed and understood…

Designing products in 3D needs no interpretation. This allows you to pinpoint possible issues early and express your intent to other stakeholders precisely. You can simply make changes late in the development process and watch everything update automatically. This is possible because the model is driven by parameters and are connected to downstream deliverables. Get more value from your 3D model…

Parametric 3D CAD


Once you’ve finished creating your parametric 3D model, you can put it to good use. Numerous downstream activities – from product testing to NC programming to product configuration can all be done quicker and more precisely. This would give your development process an added boost.

You can reuse all your current design files as the foundation for creating parametric 3D models of new or upgraded products. You can also keep using 2D whenever you need it for a certain job. Associative connections between software disciplines keep all your data in sync regardless of where it was created. Get inventor, AutoCAD and more professional-grade tools you need to improve your entire development process in the Product, Design and Manufacturing Collection.

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