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5 Trends that will Dominate the Manufacturing industry in 2020
5 Trends that will Dominate the Manufacturing industry in 2020

With the following year very close by, it’s becoming easier for industry experts to predict the trends that will dominate the manufacturing industry in 2020 and beyond. To stay ahead of competitors, manufacturers must be aware, embrace change, be prepared and leverage all the important transformations that will lead their industry in the coming decade. The coming changes are set to restructure businesses and the modern society.

Manufacturing Reinvented with New Developments in 3D Printing
Up until recently, 3D Printers were being used to quickly and cost effectively print manufacturing parts and even though the quality and strength was inferior to traditional manufacturing methods, managers on the production floor were already seeing a future of substantial cost benefits. Now, Markforged 3D printers are producing products surpassing traditional manufacturing, at a fraction of what they used to cost. And Redstack are partnering with our clients to bring this exciting technology right onto their production floor.